Sundance Media Group is an educational media production and consulting company providing training services to corporations, educational institutions, and small to mid-scale broadcast facilities.

New Media is the oxygen of the modern age.
Take a deep breath.......
SMG originated in 1996 as part of the New Media Revolution, putting streaming audio and even video on the internet. Our training programs were among the first on the internet, and we've been authoring streaming media ever since.
Members of our staff list personal awards including Grammy
and Emmy awards, and our training offerings are among the world's best with books, live training, DVD-based, and online training.
Other services we provide are:
  • Consulting on site/system and studio design
  • Trade Show videos/sales tools
  • Internet sales tools
  • Repurposing of existing media formats

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Sundance Media Group/VASST is not affiliated nor authorized by Sundance Enterprises, Sundance Film Festival,
or the Sundance Channel in any form.